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  • Hair provides a frame and beauty to our face, and hair stylists are responsible for providing us this frame. This understanding has been our focus and purpose in serving you.
  • At A Touch by Najate our Haircut, Colour & Style services are designed and tailored for both men and women.
  • Colours are applied and perfectly blended to flatter the individual, enhanced with a cut and style that brings to life the beauty to your face.
  • Our creative stylist and colour specialist will advise you on a personalised look to suit your lifestyle and complement you as the individual.
  • With continuous training A Touch By Najate ensures that all team members are at the forefront in hair trends to provide the quality of work that delivers excellence.
  • Once you leave the salon the results are effortless and easy to maintain, with our luxurious range of professional hair care products available at hand, you will have the salon look every day.

Beauty Services

Indulge yourself in luxury with our rebalancing facial treatments designed to suit all skin types. This facial treatment helps calm and soothe your skin to bring back its natural glow, and replenishes skin’s natural radiance and moisture.

Treatments includes:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Shoulder and arm message

Eye Treatments

  • Eyebrow Treading (includes upper lip and chin)
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Eyebrow Tint
  • Eyelash Tint
  • Eyelash/brow Tint & Shaping
  • Eyelash Strip

Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions

Whether you want sexy, natural or a fuller look, this treatment will transform your eyes to the max. We offer;

  • Full Set or Half Set
  • Infills
  • Maintenance: 2- 3 weeks
  • Removal

Manicure & Pedicure

Nail Treatments

  • Deluxe Intensive Nourishing Manicure (including exfoliate & massage)
  • Shellac Polish Gel
  • Shellac Gel Removal and Replacement
  • Shellac Gel Removal and Tidy
  • File and Polish


  • Deluxe Intensive Nourishing Manicure (including exfoliate & massage)
  • Shellac Polish Gel
  • Shellac Gel Removal and Replacement
  • Shellac Gel Removal and Tidy
  • File and Polish

Make Up

We offer a range of make up services for daily or special occasions;

  • Cleanse & Make Up
  • Cleanse & Make Up Including Strip Lashes
  • Bridal Make Up

We offer a large range of medical and Bespoke Wigs

Our wigs and hair pieces allow you to wear your own hair out in the areas that you have experienced hair loss. Our range of wigs and piece aids you to love your own hair again as the wig integrates with your hair making it personal and natural looking to the eyes. If you suffer from hair loss our wigs and hair pieces will enhance your confidence, making you feel comfortable with your looks.

Wearing wigs are fashionable but also can get addictive, therefore we offer services with our bespoke hair pieces gradually weaning you off from full wigs, and provide hair and scalp treatments in preparing you into loving your own hair again.

Washing Treating, Styling Wigs, New or Used Weft

We service all type of wigs by washing, treating hair strands, cutting, curly perm, relaxer, colouring, highlighting, setting, curling, blow-drying and styling to your test leaving it fresh and like new.

Repair Services

We repair all types of wigs including ventilating and restoring damaged lace or net. We enlarge or reduce lace or machine-made wigs. Our services also include repairing synthetic hair that looks frizzy, dull or has lost its curl by restructuring artificial pattern if possible.


We use a wide range of cool and warm professional products that are kind, rich in oil base ingredients and reflect true deep colours, leaving the hair feeling soft and silky with the perfect sheen.
We offer a range of techniques when conducting the colouring service to make it more personal to the individual and their lifestyle.
Prior to service we always conduct a 24 hours allergy test.

Correction Services

We offer colour correction services in cases where you have had colours used in the the hair which may have been badly applied, leaving the hair with different patches of colour, bad application of highlights, or tones that you may dislike and any other colouring disaster.
We gently remove these unwanted pigments to correct and replace with your original pigments and the colour of your choice.



Hair treatment for you and 4 others on the wedding day



Hair treatment for you and 3 others on the wedding day



Hair treatment for you and 2 others on the wedding day

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A Touch by Najate believes in taking good care of your hair. Our thorough client consultation educates and advises all clients, from various backgrounds, on methods applied in looking after different hair types in order to achieve and maintain healthy hair and scalp.

At the salon we provide all of our clients with the right hair care services. We strongly believe that the key feature in our services is the treatment of hair since hair usually undergoes harsh treatments daily without many people realising.

We provide a range of luxurious treatments which meet the needs of the hair type and the stimulation of the scalp in helping hair growth. Hair, like skin, needs customised care to achieve healthy hair and scalp.

At A Touch by Najate you will experience personal care when choosing any service of your choice with a team of experts who will listen and provide tailored advice.

We also provide treatments and hair solution for those with partial or severe hair loss.

Give your hair the care and TLC that it needs for a healthy body, bounce, shiny, smooth and glossy look with your experience at A Touch by Najate.


In A Touch by Najate hair salon we conduct a thorough hair consultation to establish the exact needs of your hair and the service the team will provide our clients to achieve the best results.

We provide luxurious, effortless yet sophisticated, low maintenance hairstyles. As a team of experts we provide beautiful unisex hair styles, haircuts, a range of colouring services and enhanced hair extension; keeping it simple and elegant to suit your personality.

A Touch by Najate is known for our personal touch with all our services including, bespoke hair extensions, hair placements units and wigs by personalising them to meet the individual look.

We also provide hair colour and chemical correction services in cases were correction is needed.

A Touch By Najate believes in using only professional products for the best salon experience and results.


At A Touch by Najate we work with our clients when they make a decision to return to the natural look by slowly replacing the use of chemical products on their hair, and working with them on the best ways they can wear and style their hair without tension or breakage, achieving full and healthy hair.

2 We provide solutions every step of the way to make it a fun and exciting process.

Having natural hair does not mean that the hair should be left unkempt or looking dry and dull, it’s important to have the right treatments to prevent breakage. Our salon provides a thorough consultation to enable us to provide the right treatments the hair will need and solutions to a perfect style for the individual’s needs and expectation.